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Welcome to Catholic in the Ozarks, an online resource for those exploring the Catholic Church. 

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Catholic Christianity is growing in the Ozarks, and Catholic in the Ozarks is the go-to online resource for those exploring the Catholic Church. Did you know there are more Catholics than Southern Baptists in the State of Missouri now? (learn more here) Did you know that Catholicism is growing in Arkansas too? The Ozarks are starting to feel the impact of this, not only as a growing number of Catholics move to the Ozarks, but also as a growing number of Ozark natives begin exploring this ancient expression of the Christian Faith. 

You can also listen to Catholic Radio in Springfield, Missouri on...

KQOH 91.9 FM

Ozarks Special

The following combination packet is highly recommended for Catholics in the Ozarks. Catholics (from teens to adults) who use this combination will be well-prepared and adequately-equipped to handle the common questions and misunderstandings Catholics typically face in the Ozarks.

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